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Snugg Promise

Because we believe our products to be of the highest standard, we offer you, the customer a promise. Wherever you see our trademark logo, you can be sure that you are receiving;

Snugg Promise

High Quality Craftsmanship

All of the products we stock, we believe to be great both in function and quality. We like and use them ourselves. All stock is quality tested to ensure we send out products that reflect the reputation we have built. That’s how we became the number 1 seller on Amazon UK and USA for iPad 1, 2 and 3 cases. Stands are tested to guarantee they are supportive and sturdy, the cotton stitching is checked to ensure it presents the impressive, sleek finish we love. Our bamboo cases are handmade, producing a beautifully crafted, Snugg case.

Having become a best-seller in more than five international territories, people all over the world know that when it comes to tablet and gadget cases, TheSnugg.co.uk delivers fantastic, innovative products every time.

The Perfect 'Snugg' Fit

All our cases have been custom made for each of the devices they cover. No corners have been cut, screens are framed, not obscured, all ports, speakers and access points have been taken into consideration. Our prototypes are tested to the maximum to make sure you still get the best out of your new gadget, whilst it’s cased.

The Finest Materials

We use a variety of materials for our cases. They have been carefully selected because we believe they work the best for that particular case.

Materials Used

PU Leather

Our PU Leather cases, whether used in their traditional form or hot-pressed, provide a tough, resilient, protective and wipe clean exterior.

PC Plastic

Our PC cases are scratch resistant, lightweight and deliver a hard sided shield, which enhances the sleek appearance of the device they cover.

Silicone Rubber

The silicone rubber selected for our ‘Squared’ cases is grippy and soft. The squared elements add an extra barrier against everyday collisions.


The bamboo of our Bamboo iPhone cases was chosen because we wanted to produce something impressive, easily sustainable and incredible protective!

Nubuck Fibre

Our cases' Nubuck interior provides a scratch proof area for your device. We know how expensive tablets and phones are and this finish provides the ultimate interior protection. It‘s soft to touch and a real quality finish.

As a reflection of our promise, we offer a Lifetime Guarantee on all of our cases and selected products.

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