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MacBook Pro 15" Touch Bar Sleeve

Shark Skin Grey
The Snugg Macbook Pro Touch 15" Touchbar sleeve provides you with a simple but effective way of protecting your device from everyday knocks and bumps whilst complimenting its natural beauty.Designed in London, the case is crafted from the highest quality and eco-friendly bonded PU leather and held together by intricate cotton/silk blended thread that will hold up against the wear and tear of your daily life. The magnetic flap keeps your laptop covered and leaves you with plenty of room for other important documents that you may need for your day.

  • Includes Lifetime Guarantee
  • Snugg Promise - perfect fit, high quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Magnetic flap secures the Macbook Pro Touch 15" in the wallet
  • Larger pocket to keep pieces of paper, charging cables or your phone
  • Secure Perfect fit for Macbook Pro15" Touchbar