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iPhone XS Legacy

  • PRECISION-ENGINEERED PREMIUM QUALITY: The Snugg iPhone XS (2018) / iPhone X (2017) Wallet Case seamlessly combines style and functionality, offering a slim, clear and lightweight design combined with triple card slots and a hidden money pocket, to easily unite all your daily essentials in one stylish place.
  • COMPREHENSIVE PROTECTION: Your iPhone is carefully and securely stored in the reinforced TPU case, to ensure the best possible hold. The iPhone XS (2018) / iPhone X (2017) Flip Case is surrounded by a soft, high-quality PU leather that looks elegant and also protects against accidental drops, knocks, bumps, scratches, and dust, to ensure your iPhone always looks like the first day.
  • LUXURY MEETS DESIGN: The smooth and nubuck haptic interior provides a comfortable and secure cushioning for the display of your smartphone. The subtle and contrasting stitching adds the finishing touch to the iPhone XS (2018) / iPhone X (2017) case wallet, which is perfectly designed to match the elegance of your iPhone.
  • PROVEN PRACTICAL SUITABILITY: Every one of us loves to watch our favorite films and shows on the go, which is exactly why the Snugg iPhone XS (2018) / iPhone X (2017) case wallet has a foldable rear cover for an optimal viewing experience. In addition, the case can be easily and securely closed and snapped in place, thanks to the strong magnetic clasp to keep your important items safe and secure in one place.
  • SNUGG LIFETIME GUARANTEE: We are sure that you will love our premium quality Snugg iPhone XS (2018) / iPhone X (2017) card holder case. If you are not 100% satisfied or if there are any issues, our lifetime warranty covers possible problems, as customer satisfaction is our highest priority. So, what are you waiting for?

The Snugg iPhone X / iPhone XS Wallet Case in premium quality provides you with a simple, easy-to-use and effective way to protect your iPhone X / iPhone XS from everyday bumps and knocks while preserving and completing its natural beauty. Taking a bulky wallet with you every time you leave the house is now a thing of the past as you can store up to 3 credit/debit cards in the soft Nubuck slots for a relaxed and uncomplicated shopping experience.
Designed in London, the case is made from highest quality, eco- friendly and vegan PU leather and is held together by an elaborate cotton-silk blended thread that withstands the stresses of daily life. The foldable back wall is ideal for all the important moments you have on your own – just position your iPhone, turn on your favorite movie or show and you're ready to go, so you can relax and enjoy your moments on the go.
Key Features:

Scratch-resistant, eco-friendly and vegan PU leather Additionally reinforced TPU-shell
Luxuriously smooth feel and look
Dual card slots and purse
Precise laser-cut port access
Folding rear panel with stand function
Sturdy, magnetic safety lock
100% Snugg Lifetime Warranty

Are you looking for a classy and stylish flip wallet case for your iPhone X / iPhone XS, which is both visually attractive and safes you iPhone? Then put our premium quality Snugg iPhone X / iPhone XS Wallet Case in your shopping cart now and protect your iPhone in the most elegant way, to make sure your iPhone always looks like the first day!